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Vitargo Electro-Energy - Trec Nutrition - 1050 g


Energy-hydration drink from a patented carbohydrate that is molecularly similar to glycogen and contains a matrix of key electrolytes.

  • Increases endurance and strength during intense exercise
  • Electrolytes to prevent muscle cramps
  • Exclusively patented Vitargo

Product Description


Trec Vitargo is a unique energy-hydration drink made from a patented carbohydrate that is molecularly reminiscent of glycogen and a matrix of key electrolytes. Vitargo carbohydrate molecule (larger than carbohydrates in conventional sports drinks), whose molecular structure resembles glycogen. The studies (Karolinska Institute in Sweden, the largest medical university in Scandinavia, and the Medical Department of the University of Uppsala) demonstrate that Vitargo is the fastest body fuel for during, and after exercise. Also, Vitargo enhanced same-day fuel recovery 70% faster within 1-hour, replenishing 77% more glycogen within 2-hours compared to maltodextrin plus sugars. The study is signed by, among others, J. B. Leiper of the University of Aberdeen, one of the pioneers of electrolyte and energy drink research

"Energy-hydration drink made of patented carbon dioxide, which is molecularly reminiscent of glycogen and a matrix of key electrolytes. Supported by professional studies"

Product Benefits

  • It provides long-lasting energy and rehydrates with key electrolytes
  • Increases endurance and strength
  • With as much as 714mg of electrolytes per serving, it prevents muscle cramps
  • It prolongs the time to exhaustion
  • For all athletes
  • Contains only patented Vitargo, no sugar or "stuffing"
  • Supported by professional studies at the most prestigious Western universities

Recommended Use


Mix 1 scoop with 700ml of water and drink it during the exercise. You can start drinking it before exercise for electrolyte balance. 



Dietary supplement.



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