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Rhodiola - Swanson - 100 Capsules

by Swanson
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Rhodiola Rosea improves athletic performance and mental focus. 

  • Helps manage stress while exercising
  • Helps with focus during intense workout
  • Reduces inflammatory factors

Product Description


Rhodiola is a supplement containing a standardized rose rhododendron extract (Rhodiola rosea). The products increase physical performance and resistance to stress. Rhodiola helps in maintaining mental health, relieving anxiety, increasing resistance to stress and facilitating a return to balance after the occurrence of stressful factors. It also protects the heart and regulates blood pressure

Multiple studies support the idea that Rhodiola Rosea improves athletic performance and mental focus. There’s also evidence that Rhodiola can boost cognitive functioning and mental process.

You can read more about the father of modern use of adaptogen - Dr. Israel Brekhman on the following link.

Product Benefits

  • 400 mg rhodiola per caps
  • Improves athletic performance
  • Delays physical and mental fatigue
  • Reduces inflammation
  • May improve sleep
  • May improve oxygenation
  • 1 caps per day - for 60 days

Recommended Use


1 capsule a day at 1 h before training or at any time of the day.


Dietary supplement. Ingredients: rhodiola rosea root extract (Rhodiola rosea), shell (gelatine, rice flour), silica, calcium palmitate. Net quantity: 100 capsules.

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