Reg-N 1420g + 10 energy gels 4Energy

by 4Endurance Europe
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Basic endurance pack. Regeneration drink and 10 superb energy gels at a promotional price.

Reg-N is one of the most comprehensive recovery drinks on the market. With highly absorbable carbohydrates, 100% whey protein concentrate, added glutamine and electrolytes, it shortens recovery time after workouts more than any other supplement

4Energy gel is fresh fruit juice energy gel - various energy sources, electrolytes in the form of salts, without artificial sweeteners and aromas, easy on the stomach and most importantly - extremely refreshing in taste


Basic endurance package. During training, we need the most what we lose the most - energy and salt. 4Energy is an energy gel that contains the right ratio of maltodextrin and fructose, with the addition of freshly squeezed orange or lemon juice, and electrolytes in the form of salts. After your workout, don’t forget about regeneration - a quality regeneration drink supplies you with all the nutrients your body needs.

  • Improves muscle recovery
  • Fully restores depleted muscle energy storage (glycogen)
  • Prevents stress and post-workout muscle catabolism
  • Energy gels without artificial sweeteners, glucose syrup, and aromas
  • Highly digestible - they do not cause stomach upset and you do not bloat
  • Added freshly squeezed fruit juice and salt
  • 22g of carbs in the form of maltodextrin and fructose
Suggested usage

For the best results, enjoy one gel every 20 minutes if you are running | cycling or doing a marathon. Mix 1-3 scoops (depending on the intensity of the workout) of Reg-N with 200-800ml of water immediately after workout. 


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