Recovery pack

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Buy Reg-N, Nduranz glutamine and a fitness foam roller at a discounted price.


Buy the most recognized recovery drink, supplemented with finest glutamine powder and foam roller to release muscle tightness or trigger points at a discounted price. The choice of our top fighter Uros Jurisic.

Buy Reg-N, Nduranz glutamine and a fitness foam roller at a discounted price:


Glutamine represents 61% of skeletal muscle and it is considered a building block of any tissue, used widely from colon tissues (used in the treatment of leaking gut, Crohn's, cancer) to the treatment of postoperative wounds.  

2. REG-N
 Reg-N is one of the most comprehensive recovery drinks on the market. With fast absorbable carbohydrates, 100% whey protein concentrate, added glutamine and electrolytes, it shortens recovery time after workouts more than any other supplement.


By applying pressure with fitness foam roller to problematic points on your body you can fasten up the recovery of muscles and minor injuries and help in returning them to theirs optimal stat. Your muscles will elastic and healthy. 


Suggested usage
Use 1-2 scoops of Reg-N, boosted with 5g (1 scoop) of glutamin after every training. Don't forget to establish a routine of self-massage with fitness roller to release muscle tightness.and to recover faster.

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