Protein PureBar - 60g

by GymBeam
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Protein PureBar by GymBeam provides you with 21g of high-quality protein from milk. Despite being loaded with proteins, high in fibers and almost without sugars, its delicious taste convinces you that you are actually eating Oreo cookie or crispy chocolate bar. It is based on polyols - non-digestible carbohydrates also known as sugar alcohol - which tastes like the real sugar but without the calories, therefore it is ideal for those on diets or those want to preserve only the lean muscle mass. PureBar's exquisite tastes and only high-quality protein makes these bars a must-have for anyone leading an active lifestyle.

"Protein bar you won't be able to resist. With close to zero sugar, 21g of milch protein, and four genuine flavors, it is an ideal after-workout snack or a tasty meal skipper"

  • 21g of milch proteins
  • Based on polyols
  • Only 2g of sugars per serving
  • 14g of dietary fiber per bar
  • Four superb flavors
Suggested Usage

Consume PureBar immediately after training or between the meals. 

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