Ostrovit Glutamine - 300g

by Ostrovit
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Non-essential amino acid glutamine represents 20% of all amino acids in the blood plasma and 61% in skeletal muscles. It’s clinically proven to enhance recovery, immune system, hormone balance, energy and pH regulation, muscle maintenance, repair, and growth. If you are doing demanding training, supplementing Ostrovit's glutamine to your daily routine will do the final difference. 

"Glutamine represents 61% of skeletal muscles, therefore it is considered the most effective regenerative single ingredient ever - glutamine enhances recovery and protein synthesis more than anything else."

  • Represents 20% of all amino acids in blood plasma and 61% in skeletal muscles
  • Enhances protein synthesis
  • Reduces stress hormone cortisol
  • Prevents muscles from breaking down
  • Added taurine and vitamin B6 for increased focus
  • Acts as a substrate in glycogen production
  • Helps to maintain muscle mass and helps losing fat
  • Increases the production of humans growth hormone
Suggested Usage

Take 1 scoop (5g) before, 1 scoop during and 1 scoop after workout. For best results take 1 scoop before bed and 1 scoop before breakfast.



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