Nuts & Whey - 1kg

by GymBeam
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Nuts & Whey is a delicious spread which can be used as a meal replacement or a healthy candy. Nuts & Whey is made of the freshest peanuts, boosted with premium whey isolate - it is high in proteins and healthy fats but low in sugar. It can be used as a meal replacement, to gain lean mass or as a snack when on diet.

"Imagine the mix of Nutella and peanut butter but without tons of sugar or palm oil? Nuts & Whey is food porn for health-conscious individuals - creamy, natural and boosted with additional protein content it will provide you with 40g of proteins and 40g of healthy fats."

  • High in protein & good fats and low on sugar
  • Omega-3 from natural peanut butter without added salt or sugar
  • Premium taste (vanilla or chocolate)
  • Ideal for diets or gaining lean mass
  • Not sweet and suppresses hunger
  • 1kg package
Suggested Usage

If you can control yourself :)  we suggest you take 2 teaspoons of Nuts & Whey daily for optimal health benefits or when lacking proteins and fats :) If not, use it on off days with no regrets.

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