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Meet Nduranz Pack: Nrgy Unit Drink (500g) + Regen (500g) + 6x Nrgy Unit Gel (45g CHO) + Bottle 600 ml

by Nduranz
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Flavor Nrgy Unit Drink
Flavor Regen
Flavor Nrgy Unit Gel

Take care of hydration, recovery, and additional energy with the Meet Nduranz Pack.

  • A sports drink that replaces lost electrolytes and prevents muscle cramps
  • Allows an intake of 400 calories per hour without digestive issues
  • Complete recovery with a 90% whey protein isolate
  • Energy gels with 45 grams of carbohydrates per gel

Product Description


The Meet Nduranz Pack contains: sports drink Nrgy Unit Drink (500 g) + recovery drink Regen (500 g) and 6x Nrgy Unit Gel with 45 grams of carbohydrates per gel and an Nduranz 600 ml bottle. Individual product information is available on respective links.

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