Maltodextrine - 1kg

by GymBeam

Maltodextrin is an oligosaccharide that is in the world of nutritional supplements known as a preferred energy source for athletes and physically active people, but also as a food ingredient. It is created by connecting molecules of glucose (dextrose), a simple sugar that serves as the main source of energy for the human body. Maltodextrin usually consists of three to seventeen glucose units and is prepared by enzymatic treatment of starch, which provides an excellent source of rapidly absorbable and easily digested energy. It does not cause any digestive problems  - with a high glycemic index it is able to rapidly replenish the depleted muscle glycogen supplies.

"Complex polysaccharide which reaches the cells with a speed of sugar. It is a preferred energy source that optimally replenishes depleted glycogen losses"

  • High glycemic index
  • Ideal source of energy during physical activity
  • Rapid and optimal glycogen replenishment after an intensive workout
  • Excellent absorbency and solubility
  • Not sweet and suppresses hunger
  • Doesn't cause gastrointestinal problems and is quickly digested
  • Suitable for power, speed, and endurance sports
Suggested Usage

We recommend 30 g of maltodextrin (2 full scoops) mixed in 500 ml. 
Before training: 30 - 45 minutes 
During training: Add to your drink 
During endurance performance: use only in the second half, or during breaks 
For recovery after workout: up to 40 minutes after exercise. Don't drink more than 50 grams per dose!

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