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Ketolife MCT Energy Gel is a great complement to classic energy gels or a main source of energy for athletes on a ketone diet. MCT energy keto gels are suitable for individuals on a ketone diet as they can be used as a standalone energy source, as well as for supplementing classic energy gels that contain glucose, maltodextrin and fructose. Keto gels contain MCT oil - MCTs are medium chain triglycerides - which are extremely well digested and can be used by the body as an immediate source of energy. MCT oil is also found in food, but in very limited quantities (coconut oil).The advantage of MCT oil - in addition to improving brain function and its potential impact on cholesterol and blood sugar - is its rapid absorption through the intestinal wall, since it does not require enzymes to break down; it can also cross the mitochondrial wall without the help of l-carnitine. MCT oil is a simple source of energy similar to sugar, but is absorbed in a different way. It is excellent for individuals who maintain ketosis as well as endurance athletes who swear by classic energy gels.

What are additional benefits of Ketolife Gel? The combination of Arabic gum and xylitol is not just for taste - our microflora transforms this combination into ketones. Calcium is also added to keto gel as it helps in fat metabolism and also helps maintain healthy bones and teeth. Last but not least, unlike the Ketoactive energy gel, caffeine is added to this keto gel - when it comes to the Coffee flavour, caffeine comes from real ground coffee. Drinking coffee or caffeine at crucial moments helps us overcome exhaustion by raising key nerve carriers and speeding up the vascular system. Ketolife gel is also a source of choline - a precursor to acetylcholine, our main thinking neurotrasmitter, which, on the one hand, allows the brain to function and, on the other, prevents muscle spasms - acetylcholine is the chemical which is released in order to activate muscles. 


"MCT keto gel is an energy gel for anyone who wants to substitute classic glucose gels as well as individuals on a ketone diet. KETO gel delivers energy from modified MCT oil, Arabian gum and xylitol, and caffeine. An additional source of choline  and caffeine will be welcome during the most demanding exercises"

  • A special form of MCT oil called C8 MCT
  • A readily usable form of fat that does not require digestive enzymes
  • Highly digestible - they do not cause upset stomach and do not make you feel bloated
  • 80mg caffeine per gel
  • Real ground coffee added (Coffee flavour)
  • It contains a source of choline - the precursor of our major neurotransmitter
  • 142 kcal per gel
  • Suitable for vegans
Suggested Usage

Before you experience a lack of energy, take 1 gel from a bag or squeeze it into a can. Do not consume more than 4 gels per day. If you use classic energy gels and are not in ketosis, use this gel in a zone where your heart rate is not too high.. 

More Information

Although for most individuals the best energy gel is still the one containing simple sugars, it is necessary to be familiar with the athlete's metabolism for such simplifications - during intense exercise, at least 2/3 of the energy comes from glycogen (which can be replaced with simple sugars) and less than a third are from fatty acids. In a moderate activity, when the pulse is low, most of the energy is consumed from fat. MCT keto gel oil is thus absorbed through the intestines into our blood vessels, thereby increasing the presence of freely available ketones as an alternative or - in the case of ketone diet - the primary source of energy. Keto gels contain an isomer called C8 MCT, which is adapted for even faster absorption.

We have never recommended the addition of fats to the classic sugar supplement strategy, as it slows down the passage of sugars into the blood, but there is no such problem with MCT keto gels. It is reasonable to use keto gels for flat running, or wherever the puls is moderate or low, while at high pulse, in the FTP zone and above the threshold, a classic energy gel is preferred.


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