HMB - 180 caps

by Nduranz

Muscle fibers are often damaged after hard training sessions and have the natural tendency to break down. HMB is an optimized metabolite of leucine which prevents catabolism even more than the standard amino acid leucine (found in BCAA). Being specific, HMB or β-hydroxy-β-methylbutyrate is actually a substance with a functional similarity of the most potent BCAA in our muscle (leucine), which promotes the growth of functional muscle mass. This amino acid is considered the strongest anticatabolic amino acid in endurance sports - it is the crucial trigger of protein synthesis - which also reduces the spikes of the catabolic stress hormone cortisol. However, HMB not only maintains the present muscles but also optimizes the nitrogen balance and lowers stress hormone cortisol - cyclists are reporting increased strength (more W/kg) and a delayed time to exhaustion.

"HMB - the optimized metabolite of leucine - was originally used to fight atrophy in hospitals but also in zero gravity environment. This "next big thing" in sports nutrition is the most potent anabolic single ingredient you can imagine  after vigorous workouts or when lacking nutrients - but also what cyclist wishes to endure longer when running on 110%..."

  • Relieves muscle cell damage & has anti-catabolic effects
  • Delays time to exhaustion (intervals, sprints...)
  • Reduces the time of recovery and speeds up regeneration
  • Supports the adaptation of sportsmen to increased physical activity
  • Supports body fat reduction via building lean muscle mass
  • Prevents the loss of muscle mass when lacking macros
  • 3600mg of HMB per dose
Suggested Usage

We recommend consuming 6 capsules before physical activity. You can divide the dosage into two parts, taking 3 caps before and 3 after the training. Don't forget about adequate intake of regenerative macros (recovery powder, proteins). When not training take 6 capsules before bedtime or when lacking meals. 

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