Guarana shot - 80ml

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Guarana shot 2000 is an 80ml ampule, filled with 2000mg of pure Guarana Paullinia cupana extract - guarana has unique energizing characteristics, thanks to the natural caffeine content (110mg) which according to subjective testimonials, last longer and has a different stimulative effect than ordinary caffeine. We recommend Guarana shots 2000 to every active individual who wants to increase alertness, endurance or lose some fat. 

"Liquid capsule of pure guarana extract. 110mg of natural caffeine in a single shot"

  • 110mg natural caffeine in a single shot
  • Increase mental alertness
  • Increase energy levels and motivation
  • Promote fat loss
Suggested Usage

Consume Guarana 2000 Shot 15minutes before work-out or mentally demanding task. 

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