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Fem Flora (Probiotic for Women) - Swanson - 60 capsules

by Swanson
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A special mix of probiotic bacterial strains, designed especially for women.

  • Seven unique bacterial strains especially suitable for women
  • Several types of lactobacilli replenish your vaginal flora
  • Resistant to stomach acid, so your body can use the good bacteria

Product Benefits

  • Seven unique bacterial strains
  • 9.8 billion CFU
  • Perfect mix of microbiological bacteria
  • Resistant to stomach acid
  • No need to store it in the fridge
  • Helps you to restore your intestinal and vaginal flora
  • Reduces bad bacteria in your mouth

Product Description


Swanson Fem Flora is a probiotic supplement that includes several types of lactobacilli which stimulate the restoration and preservation of the balance of your vaginal flora.

An imbalance of the vaginal flora can be caused by antibiotics, tampons, strong menstrual bleeding and secretion, and antifungal cream. Swanson's probiotics for women can repair the imbalance of your vaginal flora by using healthy bacteria and prevent a potential new cycle of reproduction of bad bacteria in your vagina.

Swanson Fem Flora improves the health of your mouth, digestive system, and vagina. It has been long known that strains of lactobacilli have an important role in the preservation of the health of the vagina. They protect the urogenital tract by releasing biosurfactants that stimulate the health and purity of the tissues. It seems that L. plantarum (the strain in this amazing formula) is the predominant strain in the mouth and intestinal mucosa. Research shows that this strain competes with the other bacteria and can thus positively stimulate your immunity. The health of your large intestine and your general health are interconnected, and probiotics are essential to support both.

Swanson Fem Flora was designed especially for the female body. 

Recommended Use


Take one capsule with a meal



Dietary supplement.

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