Endure - 100 caps

by Organicore

Organicore Endure is a revolutionary supplement based on clinical studies made for all serious endurance athletes. It contains clinically proven herbal extracts in a 100% organic form that raise EPO levels, increase VO2 max, raise aerobic threshold, reduce lactic acid buildup, lower heart rate, reduce muscle fatigue, speed up recovery, help your body to adapt to high-intensity physical stress, block excessive levels of the stress hormone cortisol and more. It contains only 100% organic herbal extracts to support your health in addition to your sports performance.

"Natural supplement for endurance athletes - clinically proven adaptogens, nootropics and other herbal extracts will increase VO2 max, raise the aerobic threshold, reduce lactic buildup and help the body to adapt to high-intensity physical stress."

  • 100 vegetarian capsules / 25 servings / 25 days
  • Enhances VO2 max and EPO levels
  • Raises aerobic threshold
  • Lowers heart rate and cortisol levels
  • Reduces lactic and buildup and muscle fatigue
  • Works as adaptogen and anti-oxidant
  • Herbal nootropics which enhance focus and motivation
Suggested Usage

 Take 4 capsules 45-60minutes before exercise.



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