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Certified Organic Spirulina - Swanson - 500 mg, 180 tablets

by Swanson
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If you're very active and want to improve your recovery and increase the intake of important micronutrients, organic spirulina is a good choice for you.

  • Prevent inflammations
  • Increase your iron intake
  • Manage your stress levels

Product Description


Swanson's certified organic spirulina is a concentrated natural source of micro and macronutrients from algae, rich in protein, vitamins, and electrolytes.

It was first used by astronauts during space flights. Due to the limited food supply, they needed the best and smallest source of concentrated food - with 65% protein, all eight essential amino acids, and bioavailable cellulose, your body can absorb up to four times more micronutrients from spirulina than, let's say, beef.

Spirulina is the food of the future. It contains all we don't get from food, depleted because of industrial processing. A double-blind placebo-controlled study on overweight individuals with hypertension demonstrated a reduction of the body mass index as well as a reduction of the blood pressure.

Spirulina is great for athletes who need a high level of oxygen transfer in the body. 

Product Benefits

  • 65% protein, 8 essential amino acids with 90% bioavailability
  • The best source of concentrated food
  • Natural source of chlorophyll and other micronutrients
  • For endurance athletes and stressed individuals
  • Completely natural without any additives
  • Increase your iron intake
  • Fully organic supplement
  • Prevent inflammations
  • Strong antioxidant to protect your cells
  • Prevents oxidation of bad cholesterol
  • May reduce muscle fatigue
  • Helps you with the detox of your body

Recommended Use


Take 3-6 tablets per day with plenty of water, preferably on an empty stomach. ATTENTION! Spirulina must not be taken by individuals who suffer from hyperparathyroidism, individuals with severe allergies to algae and seafood, and individuals with high fever or heat stroke.



Dietary supplement. Ingredients (content in two tablets): protein <1 g, iron 0.7 mg 4%*, magnesium 6 mg 2%*, selenium 1.25 mcg 2%*, chromium 3.5 mcg 10%*, Parry organic spirulina™ (Arthrospira platensis) (microalgae) 1 g**. Net quantity: 180 tablets. *Recommended daily value. **Daily value not established.

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