BCAA Instant 4:1:1 - 500g

by GymBeam
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GymBeam 4:1:1is a product based on 100% high quality branched chain amino acids. It is distinguished by a high concentration of amino acids, great taste, no unnecessary fillers, and additives. BCAA Instant are fermented BCAAs, made by a gentle method that does not use processing chemicals and high temperatures. They come in a ratio of 4:1:1 (L-leucine, L-isoleucine, and L-valine ), so they contain up to 4 times higher dose of leucine, an amino acid with the most powerful anabolic effects. They are made from raw vegetable materials, making them suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Fermentation results in higher quality, allergen-free BCAAs, and effective amino acids. 

"Three of body's most important amino acids now even more anabolic with the improved 4:1:1 ratio - the simplest and the most effective tool against break-down of muscle tissue."

  • Increases the quality and quantity of muscle mass
  • Restores strength and speeds up recovery
  • Muscle mass protection from devastation during weight loss
  • CAA optimal ratio of 4:1:1
  • The higher dose of L-leucine, the most powerful anabolic amino acid
  • Lysine speeds up wound healing
  • Lysine stimulates collagen production, tissue growth, and their renewal
Suggested Usage

Pour 1 scoop (6 g of BCAA) into the shaker, add the preferred amount of water, shake it and it's ready for consumption. For optimal effect, take 2-4 times daily, before training, during the training, after training or before bedtime.

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