Arginine A.K.G. 900mg - 120 tabs

by GymBeam

Arginine an amino acid arginine based nutrient, with 900mg of pure arginine, which is proven to increases the peripheral blood circulation production of nitric oxide, HGH, enhances performance and shortens recovery time, but also optimizes functions of sexual organs. It is closely related to synthesis of proteins and anabolic processes in general - it enzymatically increases the level of nitric oxide in venues what results in an intensive pump, but also increases muscles energy and nutrients supply function. It also promotes collagen formation, recycles lactic acid and increases secretion of growth precursors.

"Arginine is still the most effective vasodilator on the market - an amino acid that improves performance and recovery through increased nitric oxide production. Furthermore, it is the simplest and most proven way of secretion of growth factors."

  • 900mg of pure L-arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate
  • Enhances secretion of growth precursors 
  • Supports sexual health and helps with the erectile dysfunction 
  • Increases nitric oxide blood levels and produce greater "pumps"
  • Recycles lactic acid and consequently detoxifies muscles (ammonia)
  • Promotes transport of nitrogen and improves nitrogen balance
Suggested Usage

Take 2 tablets twice daily with plenty of water, once 30 minutes before training and/or once before bed.

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