Amino complex - 300 tabs

by Activlab
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Amino complex is the ultimate timed release and highly absorbable amino acid formula with peptide-bonded amino acids. Activlabs's amino acids are derived from whey, chicken and egg hydrolysate and egg albumin which is quickly absorbed in muscle. One tab consists of a full amino acid profile - it is like whey, but broken down into specific amino acids for faster absorption and better bioavailability. 

"Amino complex is not just BCAA in pills - it is the ultimate timed-release anti-catabolic formula with peptide-bonded amino acids from three different sources which resembles the amino acid profile of muscle tissues"

  • Increases strength and recovery time
  • Full amino acids profile in peptide form
  • Full spectrum amino acids from whey, egg and chicken hydrolysates
  • Prevents muscles from breaking down
  • Ideal for building lean muscles
  •  Use as an intra-workout /meal-skipping supplement or to increase overall amino acids profile
  • Prevent catabolism more than just BCAA
Suggested Usage

Take 4 tabs 3 times a day (one serving should be before or between training, one before sleep and one if you skip your meal). 



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