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PreRace is a revolutionary pre-workout supplement specifically designed to fit endurance athletes needs. It provides a potent mental and cardiac focus, enhances maximum workload, oxygen delivery and increases the time to exhaustion. Unlike the usual pre-workout products it doesn't cause dehydration or sudden energy crash, but rather increases mental and physical stamina and focus with a combination of caffeine, taurine, quercetin and a proprietary neuro-stimulant blend

"Powerful neurostimulative pre-workout designed for the harshest endurance races - PreRace increases mental and physical stamina and focus with combination of caffeine, taurine, quercetin and a proprietary neuro-stimulant blend"


  • Increases mental and physical stamina and focus 
  • Increases the time to exhaustion with a combination of caffeine, taurine, quercetin and a proprietary neuro-stimulant blend
  • Increases the maximum workload
  • Improves mental clarity and increases oxygenation of muscles
  • Improves glycogen resynthesis
  • Improves cardiovascular functioning by providing clinically effective doses of citrulline malate and taurine
Suggested Usage

Use PreRace only for those workouts or races that require a performance edge. Begin with one half the recommended dose to assess your tolerance. 
Mix 1 heaping scoop into EFS drink or beverage of your choice and consume 30-45 min before the race.

More Info
Flavour free and ideal to mix with your favourite sports drink

PreRace is ideal to use before or/and during the workout. It is flavour free and therefore perfect to mix with EFS Drink or your favourite sports drink. 

Stimulates performance, but does not cause dehydration  

Most stimulant pre-workout supplements can cause dehydration and stress on your nervous system. PreRace is designed especially for elite endurance athletes needs and prevents from dehydration, muscle cramping and other negative effects that often come with using stimulants during an intense workout.

Stable energy levels even during long, intense workout

PreRace offers safe constant effect without sudden energy ''crash''. With this product, you don't need to worry about energy swings even on long time period training or competition. 

No added ingredients, no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners

Just effectiveness.

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