Oxygenic Run & Bike - 60 caps

by Activlab
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Oxygenic is an adaptogenic blend intended for endurance athletes who wish to improve their exercise capacity by increasing their VO2max. Adaptogens (Ginseng Rhodiola) are intended to naturally lower stress levels, decrease levels of stress-related monoamine neurotransmitters (noradrenaline) and increase breathing capacity (VO2max). Beta-alanine increases the level of carnosine, which reduces muscle acidity and inflammation. Sodium bicarbonate is another component with similar buffering properties, which optimizes fatty acids metabolism and improves insulin sensitivity. Oxygenic is your best companion for the climbs, delaying exhaustion, increasing VO2max and adapting your organism to elevated stress levels. 

  • Increases VO2 max with two types of adaptogens: Rhodiola and Ginseng
  • Increases anaerobic threshold
  • Modulates cortisol
  • Spares glycogen during exercise
  • Improved lactate curve with beta-alanine & sodium bicarbonate
  • Added 25mg of caffeine per capsule
Suggested Usage

Take 4 capsules 30min before exercise. 

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