Box of Monster Flapjacks - 30 x 120g

by Mobberley Cakes
Save 47%

Monster Flapjack is the tastiest oatcake on the planet - now available in additionally discounted packing of 30. With 120g, these Mobberlycakes flapjacks provide you with 550+ of timed-release calories, what makes them suitable for energy supply during the long-term physical activity. They are easy on the stomach so we can enjoy them also during a demanding training or a full-day race. While some people use Monster Flapjack to increase their daily calorie intake, the others enjoy them as healthy sweets or meal replacement during the long workday or a study session.

"30 oaty bars of mixed flavours at an additionally discounted price. Timed-release energy and great taste."


  • 30 bars of (mixed) flavours at an additionally discounted price
  • The long-lasting and energy source for endurance activities
  • Tasty but healthy meal replacement
  • 500-600kcal, mostly out of complex carbs  and healthy fats (rapeseed oil)
  • Enriched with minerals and vitamins
  • Rich in unsaturated fatty acids and fibers
  • Easily digested and easy on the stomach
  • Traditional baking recipe
Suggested Usage

Use Monster Flapjack as a meal replacement during the day or long-lasting energizer before/during a workout.

More Info

The Monster Flapjack's main ingredients are oats, Golden syrup, unsaturated fatty acids from rapeseed and coconut oil and soluble fibers, which provide the body with long-lasting gradually absorbable energy but do not burden digestive tract. Wheat flour is additionally enriched with key vitamins which act as attention promotors and free radicals neutralizers while minerals such calcium and iron support some of the basic physiological processes (bones and erythrocytes formation etc.)

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