4Energy gel - 60ml

by 4Endurance
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4Energy gels are the new generation of energy gels for runners that have been designed in response to the shortcomings of existing gels. These contained artificial sweeteners and glucose syrup, usually based on only one type of carbohydrates, eventually causing stomach upset, and as a rule, causing you to run out of space for electrolytes. 4Energy gel is a gel (for runners | for cycling | for a marathon) that contains the proper ratio of maltodextrin to fructose, with added freshly squeezed (orange or lemon) juice, and it also contains electrolytes in the form of salts. The gel creates the isotonic environment, as there are about 22g of hydrates (88kcal) per 66ml, of which there are only 3.2g of simple sugars. Its biggest advantage is its authentic, fresh taste that you’ll never get tired of - freshly squeezed fruit juice and just the right density will make you "squeeze" out the gel with pleasure. 


"Fresh fruit juice energy gel - various energy sources, electrolytes in the form of salts, without artificial sweeteners and aromas, easy on the stomach and most importantly - extremely refreshing in taste."

  • Energy gels without artificial sweeteners, glucose syrup, and aromas
  • Highly digestible - they do not cause stomach upset and you do not bloat
  • Added freshly squeezed fruit juice
  • 22g of carbs in the form of maltodextrin and fructose
  • Added salt
  • You don't need water
  • Gluten-free & suitable for vegans
Suggested usage

For the best results, enjoy one gel every 20 minutes if you are running | cycling or doing a marathon.


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