BCAA 1500mg + Lysine - 300 tabs

by GymBeam
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BCAA +Lysine 1500 mg is a product with an increased content of branched amino acids BCAA, what increases muscle mass synthesis, increases strength, and also increases the content of amino acid lysine, which helps to produce collagen, tissue regeneration, supports and speeds up healing time of the immune system.

What about lysine? Lysine is a very rare essential amino acid that the human body can not produce by itself, and when there is a lack of lysine in the body, the ability to utilize amino acids is limited. Lysine has the ability to produce collagen, which is essential in restoring damaged areas of blood vessels and also contributes to reversing the course of cardiovascular disease. It promotes collagen formation, tissue regeneration, and supports the muscle development and plays a role in the absorption of calcium. In addition, it supports the immune system, prevents from getting a cold, herpes, cold sores and speeds up healing time.

"BCAA + Lysine ensures lightning fast regeneration and muscle protection but also boosts the immune system. No more bitter bcaaish taste - now even more practical: 300x1,5g easy to swallow tabs."

  • Increasing the quality and quantity of muscle mass
  • Restores strength and speeds up recovery
  • Muscle mass protection from devastation during weight loss
  • Lysine supports the immune system and antibody production
  • Lysine helps with the common cold, herpes and cold sores
  • Lysine speeds up wound healing
  • Lysine stimulates collagen production, tissue growth, and their renewal
Suggested Usage

Take 4 tablets 20 minutes before and 4 tablets after training. During rest days take one dose in the morning on an empty stomach and another one before bedtime.

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