12H Timed Release Caffeine - 100 caps

by Nduranz
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Timed release caffeine by Nduranz provides you with 12h of extended, steady energy and concentration. We all know that caffeine is the most widely used, most efficient and safe wakefulness agent, mood uplifter and concentration promotor - but we are also familiar with the unpleasant, sleepy crash following not so long after we ingest it. That is why Nduranz has formulated perfect solution both for athletes and or businessmen - high-grade microencapsulated caffeine which is absorbed into your body with different strength at different hours. Forget about the coffee, slow release caffeine is a perfect brain booster, which will promote your focus during both sports activities or the demanding mental tasks The formula of release is not a linear line as we might expect, but a perfect logarithmic curve: 60 percent is absorbed within the first two hours, while other 40% remains sustained over the next six. This gives your body and brain feeling of smooth energy from beginning to the end, without typical spikes of stress hormone cortisol which causes anxiety and jumpiness. 

"First timed release caffeine acting 12h, ideal for endurance activities or demanding mental work."

  • Slow release 12h formula 
  • Appetite suppression during the whole day
  • Perfect pre-workout for endurance activities (e.g. triathlon)
  • Can be used as a gentle fat burner
  • does not cause increase stress hormones
  • The optimal mental booster 
  • Easy 1 per day dose - for 100 days
Suggested Usage

Take 1 capsule prior to your training or cognitive task. Do not take it 6h prior to sleep.

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