Recoverator - 1120g

by Organicore

Recoverator is artificial additive-free recovery and sports performance drink with electrolytes made for all athletes in every sport, from recreational to professional in track&field, running, cycling, triathlon, tennis, MMA, swimming, football, basketball, fitness, body-building, skiing, handball, rugby, hockey, rowing, and others. It contains a clinical dosage of essential amino acids (of which half are BCAA), L-Glutamine and arginine HCL. 

"Additive-free recovery and sports performance drink with organic carbohydrates, a clinical dosage of essential amino acids and electrolytes - it is designed to speed up muscle recovery in the most natural way."


  • Speeds up muscle recovery and growth
  • Works as an anti-catabolic and thus reducing post-training muscle damage
  • Reduces cramping and dehydration
  • Provides electrolytes
  • With anti-inflammatory actioning reduces muscle soreness
  • Offers anti-oxidative protecting from the harmful effects of free radicals released during intensive training
  • With organic carbohydrates
  • Without any artificial sweeteners, colouringflavours and other harmful artificial additives
Suggested Usage

Mix 1 scoop with 250-800ml of water during exercise. Drink 1 bottle every 45-60minutes.

More Info

Recoverator will accelerate muscle recovery and growth (in conjunction with high protein intake and strength training), reduce muscle damage, and work as an anti-inflammatory agent. Some studies also show that they increase hemoglobin in endurance athletes. This superior natural product contains natural turmeric extract, natural vitamin C, natural vitamin E and zinc methionine aspartate which act anti-oxidative, adaptogenic and anti-inflammatory. Recoverator contains 1400 mg of electrolytes, which will restore electrolytes lost by sweating, thus preventing muscle cramps.

ORGANICORE™ supplements are based on clinical studies and ancient Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine herbal knowledge, while containing mostly organic certified ingredients, free of any additives that would be damaging to your health! 


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