EFS - Liquid Shot - 130 ml (EXP: APRIL/2019)

by First Endurance
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EFS Liquid Shot is a revolutionary new generation of torch fuel. Without gelling agents and artificial additives is completely safe for users, pleasant and unobtrusive. In addition to only sugars, which are a normal component of energy gels, this refillable gel contains 1500 mg electrolytes, 1000 mg BCAA and 100 g of simple and complex carbohydrates. All the ingredients are present in clinically effective doses. In addition, it is easy to use and can be re-closed and re-filled and is completely recyclable.

"New generation of torch fuel - 2-4 servings refillable gel with 1500 mg of electrolytes, 1000 mg of BCAA and 100 g of simple and complex carbohydrates."


  • 400 high-quality calories
  • 1500mg electrolytes 
  • 1000mg of amino acids
  • Reduction of cramping and dehydration
  • Fatigue delay
  • Significant improvement in overall performance
  • Re-fill package
Suggested Usage

Use the liquid shot gel during your workout, keep in mind that 1 liquid shot equals about 4-6 one time use gel, so take little shots. 1 liquid shot should last you for at least 2hours of workout

More Info
Supplying fast and sustained energy for muscles
Improved fluid absorption
Reduced cramping and dehydration
Improved performance
Easy to digest and absorb
Improved glycogen resynthesis


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