VO2 max

VO2 MAX is a very important piece of information for every serious recreational athlete. It signifies the consumption of oxygen in the body, which the body reaches at maximum effort. Measure it in ml / (kg x min). However, the result of the measurements varies according to our form, which we achieve at some point in time.

VO2 MAX a measure to achieve top results

The numbers of professional athletes are from 80 to 93. For the recreational athlete the numbers from 70-80 are already very good. Various tests are used to determine the vo2 max. protocols. In the test, the body needs to be loaded to the maximum, so it is recommended that several muscle groups are used in the test. Most often, it's running or cycling.

vo2 max

How to do the vo2 max test

Start the test at low intensity, which is increased to 2-3 minutes. We recommend that you step up power or pace (for cycling power, running tempo) for 3 minutes. For example: starting the vo2 max test at 240 W and increasing the power by 20 W to 3 minutes. Using the mask we attach to the face, the device measures our oxygen consumption. Testing is up to its maximum. Since we want the measurements to be as accurate as possible, we have to be motivated and give the maximum on our test.

What distinguishes VO2 max between individuals

The differences between vo2 max are due to different ways of life, inheritance, age ... The following points are those that have the greatest impact on the individuals vo2 max. Gender: Female and male body are different according to the constitution. In almost all sports, we can see that women can not handle men. The most noticeable difference is due to endurance sports.

According to research, women should have up to 30% less vo2 max values Age: With age, the maximum value of vo2 max is decreasing. In men, this value is expected to fall by about 1% per year after 25 years. Fertility: Inheritance plays a big role in achieving your results. It's up to 25% of your vo2 max value. The blood on which oxygen is transported is also influenced to a great extent on your results. Training: Vo2 max increases with regular training. The end result you are achieving depends on your activity and type of exercise.


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