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Luka Janežič - Base sprint preparations in Pula, Croatia 2016 part. 1

Luka Janežič - Base sprint preparations in Pula, Croatia 2016 part. 1

Luka Janežič - this young uprising Slovenian sprint talent finished 400m in 45.07s @ the Olympic games in RIO this year. We managed to get his exact 2 week base training preparations plan designed by his coach - Rok Predanič.



1. Saturday morning - arrival @ training camp.


2. Saturday afternoon - Introductory training and adaptation to the new environment.

  • Longer warmup easy run - around 3 km
  • Stretching
  • Dynamic stretching exercises
  • Running sprint alphabet
  • 3 x 60 m  - acceleration
  • Sunbathing and cooling down in the sea :)

cooling down

L.J. Team - cooling down in the sea.

 3. Sunday - sprints uphill (cca. 5%)

  • Running alphabet uphill
The hill is about 150m with 5% incline.
  • 3 x 80 m
  • 3 x 100 m
  • 3 x 130 m


4. Monday - strength day

morning training - lower body & core

  • Lunges
  • Squat
  • Feet exercise
  • Good morning
  • ABs
  • Lower back

afternoon training - arms & core

These exercises will be beneficial on the track the next days.



5. Tuesday - running tehnique, which plays a key role @ sprinting

Diffrent types of running exercises - running with "parachute", pulling a sledge, using weighted vest and speed hurdles.

Each athlete is unique, so is his running tehnique. It's important for the trainer, to understand this and upgrade the tehnique he has.



6. Wednesday - KILLER lactate training, this will break every athlete  

The point here is that each serie the athlete will go from walking speed into full sprint. The breaks between the series are short, so the acid in the muscles will build up, resulting in extreme pain. "Good" pain obviously :)

  • 1 series: 150m sprint  250m easy 150m sprint 250 m easy 150 sprint
  • 4 series
  • about 7-8 minutes brake between series.


7. Thursday - recovery day

Never forget to recover. Not just your body, but also your mind.

Because the preperations are allready halfway its time for recovery of the body and mind. This day we do a longer run to sweat out the body, followed by stretching, sauna and icebthing. In the evening there is a massage aswell.


 At every training Luka and the other athletes use EFS drink, for recovery we use Ultragen. MultiV and Optygen HP are added to their breakfasts.

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