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On 24th of September 2016 Damjan Krejač attended a 24-hour ultramarathon held in Belgrade, Serbia, where he took an excellent 5th place.


Preparation for Saturday's run has started on Monday when he began to consume large amounts of fluid. Next to the intake of water he started to consume EFS drink and GLUTAMINE thus preparing his body against dehydration.

The day before the run was very important for preparation of necessary gear, getting enough rest and preparing his mind for a 24-hour run.

Saturday's race began at 12 p.m. (noon), when the thermometer showed 25 degrees Celsius (77 0F) making it crucial for him to pay attention to sufficient intake of electrolytes and energy source, which he achieved through EFS drink, as also with “Isogel High5” gel and energy bar “ENERGY CAKE” consumed every hour.

For resilience he drank “GLUTAMINE” every two hours and further on “ULTRAGEN” drink every three hours.

In order to prevent energy loss he ate cooked rice with tuna every 6 hours, which has restored his power and energy. At the expiration of 110 kilometer he encountered the first so-called crisis, which lasted for 10 km. The crisis has caused him both psychological and physical problems. But with GLUTAMINE and EFS electrolytes he was able to defeat the crisis and to continue the race successfully.

After 24 hours he finished the race in 5th place thus making this race a good base for BALATON Ultra Marathon - 215 km run.

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